Kaizer Chiefs’ marketing director Jessica Motaung and a man named William Bobo are accused of failing to pay their helper R6000 after the CCMA ordered the pair to pay for unfair labour practice.
The case was heard at the Johannesburg CCMA in early July.
Motaung’s helper Tenjiwe said she was fired after working at their up-market Bryanston house for almost a year.
“I was a stay-in helper at first. Then I asked Jessica if I could take time off fortnightly and she agreed. Shortly after my requests, Jessica asked the other helper and I if we could stay in our places and she would give us money for transport to come to work. We agreed.”
During her time as a sleep-out helper, Tenjiwe said she was ordered to work on public holidays and Sundays.
“I had issues there. I told them I have a problem with working on Sundays and public holidays and I was suspended,” said Tenjiwe.
However, Bobo denied ever firing or suspending Tenjiwe.
“That person was never fired or suspended. She had issues and when she went to the CCMA, we approached her and asked her how can we resolve the problems,” Bobo said.
“We even had to postpone the CCMA hearing because we wanted to find out what were the issues.”
Bobo could not specify the issues Tenjiwe had with the household work but insisted the couple had never fired her.
“I’m the one who offered to pay her two months pay. I’m even paying her for the month that she was not working.”
Motaung refused to comment about the matter, saying that it was not resolved.
“I cannot comment about this issue. It is still not resolved,” said Motaung.
Tenjiwe said Motaung had last said she would call her back when she spoke to her on July 11.
“Jessica never spoke to me since I was fired. I also complained about the time I used to knock off. I stay in Kempton Park and it was not safe for me to knock off at 6pm and get a taxi to go to the East Rand. I was also concerned about my safety but they did not want to understand,” she said.
Bobo confirmed that the CCMA had sent the couple a letter of settlement but denied that they had defaulted.
“I was only given the letter on Wednesday but we did not fail to pay her. We are still going to settle the amount,” he said
CCMA spokeswoman Onkgopotse Maditse was not available to comment.