THE evil man armed himself with a knife, thinking he would easily overpower a woman and satisfy his lust.

But the brave woman fought back and bit off part of his tongue. And then the police bust the man in hospital!

The thug now regrets the day he broke into the 38-year-old woman’s house in Petsana, near Reitz in the Free State, early on Sunday.

Police told Daily Sun the woman was asleep when the man entered her home and tried to rape her.

“The man attacked her with a knife but she fought back and grabbed his tongue with her teeth, biting so hard that a piece of his tongue came off.

“The man ran away, leaving the piece of his tongue behind,” said police spokesman Zweli Mohobeleli.

The woman reported the incident and police traced the 23-year-old suspect to a hospital in Bethlehem.

“Cops arrested him after recognising his clothes that had been described by the victim.

“We collected forensic evidence from the clothes and handed the piece of tongue to the family of the suspect.

“He will appear in the Reitz Magistrates Court soon,” said Mohobeleli.