AFTER a man was stabbed to death in the early hours of Sunday morning, terror was unleashed ekasi.

His friends decided to get revenge, and by the end of the day five more people had been killed!

Nolusapho Tikilili (45) from Alexandra, north of Joburg, said the trouble started after her son allegedly stabbed a man.

The fight happened after an argument at a friend’s house in extension 7.

“I went to the house where the incident happened, and I told the men there they should not be violent, especially after drinking,” she said.

By the time she returned home, her son had been arrested.

“When I arrived, I saw a crowd of people surrounding my house and I was told a group of seven men had shot my husband, Mdunyiswa (56),” she said.

“They wanted revenge for the death of the man my son stabbed, but they didn’t find him because he was already in custody.”

Instead, they allegedly shot and killed her husband.

Nolusapho said minutes after getting home, she received a call to say four people had been shot dead at the house she had just returned from. Nomakhaya Tabi (62) said her nephew Thabo Belelele (29) and his lover were also shot dead.

“When I got to the house, my nephew was lying in a pool of blood, while his girlfriend was kneeling in the corner with many bullet wounds,” said Nolusapho.

Councillor Tefo Rapahadu asked residents to help the cops catch the killers.

Captain Allie Kodisang said five people died and two were wounded.

“One person was arrested and appeared briefly in the Alexandra Magistrates Court,” said the cop.