MISS SA, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, had to post a video explaining herself to avoid raging emotions on socialnmedia.

The rant follows a picture of her seen wearing surgical gloves while interacting with kids. The beauty queen was part of a delegation that was dishing out soup to poor children in Soweto.

The picture of her seen wearing surgical gloves started a social media frenzy that saw people accuse her of being racist.

However, the 22-year-old beauty from Sedgefield in Western Cape went on to apologise for any false impression the gloves might have created. “I apologise if I offended anyone by wearing the gloves while holding the children.

“It was not my intention and I am sorry about that. I really hope you can see my heart and the true intentions that went into it,” she said in an emotional video that she posted on her Facebook page.

Daily Sun spoke to Demi-Leigh, who said she and her partners would continue feeding and giving blankets to the vulnerable, especially children.

“It’s sad that people have taken this incident out of context,” she said.

She said all the volunteers on site wore gloves while serving soup.

“We honestly thought that it was the right thing to do while working with food. The intention for wearing the gloves was purely to be as hygienic as possible.”

Demi-Leigh said she felt as if her intentions were completely misunderstood.

“To me the moral of the story was that 300 kids got a proper warm lunch and got that with or without gloves.”