The wife (left) walked away as the nyatsi gave her husband hot klaps in the middle of the road in Dobsonville, Soweto on Saturday. Photo by Everson Luhanga

THE man’s wife was on the lookout for his nyatsi when she bust the lover on the street, wearing her jacket.

Her husband was called and when he arrived he got a public tongue lashing from his furious wife, demanding that he decide who he wanted to be with.

When he failed to profess his love for his nyatsi, all hell broke loose.

“The nyatsi grabbed the man by the balls until he screamed out loud,” said a bystander.

The amusing fight happened in full view of onlookers in Dobsonville, Soweto on Saturday.

The wife, who lives with her husband in Chaiwelo, later told Daily Sun she had always suspected he was cheating on her.

She walked away as the nyatsi attacked her husband. And when he chose to follow her, the nyatsi went crazy.

“She started dishing out hot klaps to the delight of the wife, who was laughing a little distance away,” said the bystander.

When the beating finally stopped, the man allegedly told the nyatsi he would lay charges against her at the cop shop, but she threatened him with counter charges, claiming she had also been assaulted.

Daily Sun spoke to the wife. “I don’t want to say who I am. Go and ask those two. They have a good story for you.”

She would only confirm that the man being beaten was her husband and that he had broken her heart.

“He’s my husband and that woman is his nyatsi,” she said.

– Daily Sun