Limpopo – At least 5 Zimbabwean elephants who are sick and tired of Mugabe were caught trying to jump the border into South Africa in search of greener pastures, police have revealed.

The elephants, two males, two females and one transgender were reported missing from Hwange National Park close to Zambia.

According to tracking data, the elephants first tried to jump the border into Zambia, but then decided against it, after hearing that President Lungu has become a dictator.

They then took the long journey South, travelling at night and sleeping by day. They ended up in Beitbridge, where they solicited the help of guma guma people to jump the border.

But their luck ran out, as Mugabe found out about the plot and sent his private bouncers called the green bombers to capture the jumbos.

They were caught right at the river and arrested.

Mugabe has demanded that the elephants be interogated.