A Port Elizabeth engineer has been cleared of wrongdoing during a disciplinary hearing‚ two weeks after his employer suspended him from work for wearing a traditional necklace.

Although the outcome has vindicated him‚ Lubabalo Jack‚ 35‚ said he was still traumatised and felt discriminated against by his employer‚ Formex Engineering‚ for practising his Xhosa culture.

It terms of the hearing ruling‚ Jack can continue to wear the necklace – an intambo enkulu – on condition it remains under his overalls whenever he is in the workshop.

The traditional necklace‚ made out of a goat’s tail‚ is meant to bring good fortune and fight off evil spirits.

Jack said he was glad to be back at work‚ but said a stigma still lingered because some people continued to ridicule him.

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