Police on Tuesday said they had discovered the body of yet another woman‚ believed to have been killed in Orange Farm‚ south of Johannesburg.

The corpse of the 32-year-old woman was found wrapped in a large plastic bag which was stuffed under a bed at her boyfriend’s house.

“It is alleged that the suspect was a boyfriend to the deceased and they were seen together on Saturday afternoon at the premises of the suspect‚” said Captain Aubrey Moopeloa. 

“Later that night the family of the deceased was looking for her but didn’t find her.

“On Sunday morning‚ the community went to look for the woman and they questioned the boyfriend and searched the house. It was then they found the body of the deceased.”

The suspect was immediately arrested.

He was expected to appear in the Vereeniging Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

Meanwhile‚ police on Monday found the body of a young girl‚ believed to have been killed by her boyfriend in Evaton.

The 16-year-old’s body was found in her boyfriend’s burning shack in the early hours of Monday morning.

She had been repeatedly stabbed.

Police found a bloody knife‚ scissors and rake in the shack of her 22-year-old boyfriend.

He was expected to appear in court soon.

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