TV and radio personality Lerato Kganyago who suffers from a medical condition called fibroids recently revealed that she can’t have children.

As the country celebrated Mother’s Day on Sunday‚ Lerato shared the intimate detail about herself to followers on Twitter.

Lerato’s comment came after a follower asked her about having children. The question seemed to invoke emotions in Lerato.

She replied to the follower‚ saying she hoped never to address the subject again. “I can’t have children. Hope I won’t be asked this question ever again on this app!‚” she said.

Lerato told True Love magazine last year that suffering from fibroids made it difficult for her to fall pregnant.

Despite the odds against her Lerato fell pregnant in 2015‚ however suffered a miscarriage five months later.

She has bravely spoken out about the pain she felt on numerous platforms.

“I don’t think I want to be a mother‚ now that it’s happened. Every time I think about having a child‚ I’m petrified of falling pregnant and going through it all again‚” she told the now defunct Grazia magazine.

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