President Jacob does not know what is it that he has done wrong.

Zuma said on Sunday that he cannot fix any of the mistakes he has made if people don’t tell him what it is he has done wrong.

“[People say] ‘there is a problem in our country,’ as they say ‘there is a crisis’. Why? What has happened?”  Zuma asked congregants at a service of the Abundant Life Church at the People’s Stadium in Durban.

“… We always hear [people]… talk about Zuma. No one has come out to say ‘Zuma has done this and that’. Other than that Zuma has a movement.

“The day the movement feels Zuma is no longer a good leader, is the one… [where they say] ‘so we think this [his removal]… should happen’.

“Sometimes we get confused because [the] people who voted against the ANC have never changed – they are the ones…today who are saying that [Zuma must be removed],” the president said in isiZulu.

“If I am not told what I have done wrong, I cannot correct my mistakes because I don’t know what I have done wrong.”

He said it was surprising that there were a number of members of the ANC that spoke against the party, but did not criticise it through the proper structures.

He said some of them were very angry, but could not tell you what was wrong.

He praised the church’s pastor “for taking a decision to stand for the truth,” saying the churches must not mix the message of God with political views because that will confuse people.

“It is like [some] people – they start from the morning until sunset saying ‘this [person] is a dog, this one has stolen’, but they cannot even show a cent that you have stolen,” Zuma said to loud cheers.

He also warned congregants not to believe lies and ask themselves why every time, leading to the elective conference, the current president “who is not going to stand for election because he has finished,” is being attacked like this.

He also took a jab at former presidents who shared a stage with a “white” leader, who he said was an oppressor and murderer.

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