New Home Affairs Minister in South Africa Hlengiwe Buhle Mkhize revealed on Tuesday morning that the South African government has been under a lot of pressure recently as the number of child grant applications keep on increasing every year, and to control the situation, the government has passed a law which won’t allow people to have more than 3 children from 2018 onward.

“For now, people can have children all they want. But as from next year, we will be limiting the number of children a couple can have to 3, if they decide to disobey and get more children, they will face death. The government no longer has money to support all these children.” the minister said.

The minister further revealed that women these days just fall pregnant because they know that they will get money from the government, but this will end soon.

“Our country is running out of resources, we need to work together and stop producing babies like we are in a competition. Three is the maximum number of children people will be allowed to have.” She concluded.

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