Senior ANC member of parliament Makhosi Khoza has lashed out at the ruling party’s leadership‚ saying that it was effectively handing over power to the opposition.

Khoza expressed the anguish she felt when South Africans took to the streets on Friday to call on President Jacob Zuma to resign. She said the mass action was a sign that the ruling party was irrelevant‚ with chronic leadership incapacity.

Khoza‚ who headed the committee responsible for interviewing public protector candidates‚ took to Facebook on Sunday to air her views on the current crisis within the ANC.

She said that she has been victimised in ANC structures for standing for the truth‚ revealing a sense of expectation that this could happen again.

“I once more choose to see the 7 April 2017 marches across the country as not conspiracies of white monopoly capital but genuine concerns of the majority of marchers. I am a product of history. The marches I witnessed across the country were not different from women’s march against pass laws. They were the same as the March against Mike Gatting’s disregard for International Sanctions against apartheid South Africa‚” Khoza wrote.

She then fires a bullet.

“Politics of patronage has finally claimed the sanity of my ANC leadership. A triumphant story has turned tragic in my life time. The ANC is defining itself out of power when the majority of its people remain trapped in poverty‚ joblessness‚ dependency on state social grants.

“The South African tragedy is an African continent catastrophe. I wish my ANC leaders could see what I see. I wish my ANC leadership could feel what I feel. I wish they can understand that indecision is tantamount to giving DA‚ EFF … power on a silver platter.”

Khoza caught the eye of South Africans during the televised interview process in Parliament that resulted in the appointment of Busisiwe Mkhwebane as the Public Protector. She also drew attention when she grilled former communications minister Faith Muthambi during Parliament’s inquiry into the affairs of the SABC.

Makhozi‚ who now heads parliament’s portfolio committee on public service and administration‚ described her frustration with the type of leadership at the helm of the ANC.

“We are directed to maintain unity at all cost even if leads us to the ditch. We are instructed to follow directionless directives without questioning or raising the risks‚ concerns for the route we are taking even if it leads us to the wasteland.”

She added that the ruling party was standing on an immoral platform‚ from which it launched its attacks on oppressive systems.

Her second post lamented the ANC Youth League’s disruption of the Ahmed Kathrada memorial service in Durban on Sunday.

“Bakwethu! What we witnessed at the Kathrada memorial service in Durban leaves me ashamed. How do you reason with an unreasonable person? I must confess‚ I cannot. The ANC reputation is being tarnished. Are these our branches? What outcome can we expect in December 2017 in this environment? Hayi bo! Maqabane! [No comrades] Sithini? Senzenjani? [What shall we do?]”

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