REPORTS of women being robbed and raped by evil taximen have left taxi associations searching for answers on how to make their transport safer.

And now the Dobsonville, Roodepoort, Leratong Joburg Taxi Association has put its plans on the table.

The group will soon issue all their drivers with uniforms, and for added safety they plan to distribute driver identity cards.

Speaking to the People’s Paper yesterday, the association’s secretary-general Daniel Maedi said the uniforms would help distinguish their drivers from imposters.

Maedi said there was a chance that T-shirts could be duplicated. That’s why the association had decided to work on a plan to distribute driver ID cards. The cards will contain information about the driver, the vehicle type and the owner’s details.

“We have monitors checking the taxis that drive on our routes. They will be able to see if the information on the card corresponds with the vehicle.”

He confirmed that a taxi belonging to their association had been involved in a case where a woman was raped near Leratong Hospital, but said they were struggling to identify the driver.

“If our drivers are involved, we’ll let the law take its course.”

Maedi said they would place stickers with their hotline number and taxi information on their taxis for passengers to use should they have problems with their drivers.

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