Rapper Molemo ‘Jub Jub’ Maaronhanye has spoken candidly about his experience in prison and revealed that he was se_xually assaulted by a gang leader boss in prison. Jub Jub also spoke about how the man claimed him as his wife and would do as he wishes every night in exchange for protection. He also make the shocking revelation that the incident had turned him into bi-se_xual and how he now finds men attractive.

There is also a strict territorial code among inmates in the five juvenile cells who include the “28s” prison gang, the “26s” gang and non-gang members, as to which cells they can enter.

His cellmates first kicked him and repeatedly beat him using a five-litre plastic container filled with sand that is usually used for exercising. He was then pinned across a bed and rap_ed by members of the notorious “28s”.

“I was attacked by 10 of them at eight o’clock on the Sunday,” He said. “The attack carried on for four hours until 12.”

Although the singer said he screamed loudly for help while the gang ra_pe was taking place, no prison authority investigated the disturbance – despite the fact that Unit D cells are small and that the attack took place in a cell near the section office.

The Ndikhokhele hitmaker spoke to YFM’s DJ Speedsta about the conditions he lived under in prison during an interview this week.

“Prison is everything you think it is and so much more. It’s a school of hard knocks and survival of the fittest. It’s not good‚” Jub Jub said.

He explained that prison had even robbed him of his physique. “I went in a se_xy guy and came out fat‚” Jub Jub joked about his weight gain.

He explained that the reason for this was because he spent all of his time writing music‚ and a book.

“I didn’t have time to gym because I was writing and writing and praying so much‚” he added.

He admitted that he was so dedicated to his writing projects that he even ran out of pens.

Jub Jub told Metro FM last week that the book he had written was a “tell-all” and that he also hoped to make a movie out of his life story.

“I don’t really like sharing my plans‚ but since you have asked‚ I had a lot of time to write and I have a book coming out‚” he told Bonang.