WHEN HE became a sangoma the ancestors allowed him to leave his cave and move into the kasi.

But Dlozi-boy has been a naughty boy.


While Dlozi-boy (35) is protesting against the move, it looks as if the ancestors are not convinced.

His round trip, from the cave to the kasi and back to the cave again, started 10 years ago when he accepted the calling to become a sangoma.

When he graduated three years later in 2010, the ancestors told him to stay in his cave at Gxididi Village in Pondoland, Eastern Cape. They felt the kasi was too noisy.

But sangoma Xhanti-lamaDlozi “Dlozi-boy” Nkunza proposed that the ancestors allow him to move to Gqobhas kasi near East London.

“I was still young and I proposed that I should stay at Gqobhas because I’m a socialite. My sugarmama girlfriend also didn’t want to me to leave. The ancestors agreed, and I moved into a shack in the kasi for consultations.”

But today it seems they have changed their minds.

“Yesterday, my ancestors went silent and I couldn’t connect with them. When I burnt impepho it mysteriously started to smell like kak,” he said.

“When I try to read the bones, I become dizzy and then the bones suddenly change and look like chicken wing bones.”

He said he respects his ancestors but he also loves his sugar mamma of 10 years. “I can’t leave her.”

He tried to do a ceremony to apologise, but the white goat he was going to slaughter suddenly fell ill and died.

Veteran sangoma Makhosi Mlamli (81), who was Dlozi-boy’s gobela, said that Dlozi-boy was always stubborn and arrogant.

“When he was still my twasa he was cheeky.

“Even during his pre-graduation ceremony called imvuma kufa, he refused to drink goats’ blood. I hope he will learn his lesson.”

His sugar mamma (68), who refused to be named, fearing her madala husband, said Dlozi-boy meant the world to her.

“My husband is like a ghost in bed. His 4-5 goes to sleep, but Dlozi-boy is a bull in bed. I love him.”

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