Twitter has been buzzing all morning reacting to the news that broke out that Grace Bible Church allegedly wanted a fee of R89 000 for the memorial of the late Joe Mafela.


Local Actor Mangaliso Ngema posted on his Facebook page the news but later deleted the post.

Screengrab of deleted post


He then posted two more posts apologising to Grace Bible Church for the previous post.


Screengrab of Facebook post

Screengrab of Facebook post


He said, “Friends and relatives, I need to make a public apology for posting about the Mafela family and Grace Bible church. I was not appointed spokes person for the family and neither did I seek consent from them for posting.I took the matter personally because of my own struggle with the church system.

It was really in bad taste that I brought the grieving family unnecessary distress at a time like this. I am pleading that we all exercise some respect hence forth….My apologies also go to the Grace Bible church and its leadership for my recent post. I was not fair to the church and its members.”

Mangeliso in his deleted post used the hashtag #churchbusinesstruth

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