Jacob Zuma

President Jacob Zuma was this week linked to allegations of the ANC’s reported involvement in the Swifambo tender for the procurement of locomotives by the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa).

According to news sources, Zuma was responding to questions in the National Assembly when DA leader Mmusi Maimane asked him in a follow-up question whether the ANC received a “bribe of R80m” to award the procurement of the controversial Afro4000 locomotive to Swifambo Rail Leasing.

Zuma revealed that he had only taken bribes as a politician, not as a human being. But also vowed to stop taking them in the future.

‘’I think it’s high time I clarify this issue. I have never taken bribe as a human being but as a politician, I have done that several times’’

The President said the confusion over his words stem from people mistaking Politicians for human beings.

‘’We are not human beings, not entirely.’’ He continued ‘’the rules apply different in a politician’s skin, which we put on every morning before commencing the day’’

‘’If we had to do some of the things we do as politicians in our human skins, our consciences would not allow us. That’s why it’s important that there is a divide between the two. But I promise to stop taking bribes from now on.’’ he concluded.

  • Nationalnewsbulletin