Harare – Zimbabwe’s First Lady, Dr Grace Mugabe, has once again shown the world she is extraordinarily intelligent, after revealing enlightening information during one of her rallies in Buhera, last Friday.

Speaking to thousands who converged at the town, Dr Grace, commonly known as Dr Amai, revealed this hitherto unknown facts.

“Let me tell you something. This will come as a shock to you. Children should work hard in school. Do you want to know why? Because children who work hard will be able to study sciences in high school, and if they study sciences, they can do maths, physics, chemisty or biology”, she said,

As she carefully strutted herself, and shook her head, she then dropped the bombshell.

“I know you are wondering why i am telling you this. The reason is simple. Listen to me carefully. If you did not know, people who study medicine in University will become doctors!”

“Yes, that is right. They will become doctors”, she said, to huge applause from the Zanu PF supporters who were gathered to listen to her.

The cheers from Zanu PF supporters got so so loud, that there it was deafening.

After the rally, confessed members of the faction which wants Grace to become President after Robert added that this was further proof that she was presidential material.

Givemore Matanda, said, “this if proof that she is the best. You hear people saying she bought a degree wara wara wara, but did they even know that if you study medicine you will become a doctor. No. They did not. This is why she must be President.”