A WOMAN left the gallery shocked yesterday when she told a Limpopo magistrate that her former husband removed his trousers in front of his mother-in-law and showed them his manhood claiming she infected him with a se_xually transmitted disease.

Evidence Ncude claimed Rogers Khumalo visits her house and insults her in front of her new husband.

This was revealed at the Limpopo Civil Court where Ncube was seeking a protection order against Khumalo.

“He visits my place of residence and embarrasses me by calling me a prostitute in front of my husband. If my husband tries to calm him down he turns on him and starts insulting him using obscene language, saying he married a prostitute,” she said.

Ncube said Khumalo once visited his in-laws’ residence where he removed his trousers and showed them his manhood while claiming that she infected him with an STD.

“This man is very violent for nothing, I think his major aim is to ruin my new marriage only,” she said.

She said Khumalo was not paying maintenance for their minor child. Khumalo could not show up at the court.

Magistrate Gally Swardon, granted the protection order in default, which barred Khumalo from verbally abusing Ncube and to stop visiting her place of residence.