Popular reggae star, Lucky Dube, who was believed to be deceased was earlier to day spotted at Spykos Chisanyama eating some chuck and pap.

In his company was another superstar believed to be deceased, the famous Brenda Fassie, who according to reports was never buried but preserved inside a tomb.

The restaurant confirmed the reports, and the manager on duty says that the two superstars ordered pap and chuck, and also some chakalaka and chilli mango achar.

“I was so surprised. When we told them we recognised them, they gave us R500 and said we must keep quiet”, said Tsepo Mahlunge

Apparently the stars said they wanted to explore a secret love affair, so they fled to Jamaica, where they changed their looks.

Lucky Dube now spots a chiskop cut, while Brenda is almost like a white person after doing a Michael Jackson skin change.

They said they will come back in public eye in 2020.