Pretoria – Controversial gospel preacher, Prophet Mboro who once went to heaven has stated that he travelled to hell last after his Sunday service, where he saw the deceased musicians having some form of intercourse in hell.

The prophet says he had gone to hell to fight with the devil so that the devil releases the blessings of people who are paying tithe.

When he arrived in hell, the devil is said to have been very very scared and ran away, fearing for his life.

The prophet then decided to tour hell himself, and locate the blessings of faithful tithe paying people in his church.

It was there that he was confronted by the shocking sight of Mandoza, Lundi Tyamara, and Sfiso Ncwane engaging in bedroom communion under an old baobab tree, on dancehall street, which is south of Michael Jackson boulevard in Lucifer Music town.

The prophet then fought with the dead guys, so that their music does not pull others to hell.

He also said he telephoned Jesus the moment he returned to earth, to tell him of what he had seen.

The prophet encouraged those that listen to his word to pay tithes, so that they don’t go to hell too.

  • Southern Daily Satire