Pretoria – Charismatic celebrity gospel preacher Prophet Mboro will has vowed to go back to heaven next month, exactly 10 months after he first went to heaven, this time, to bring back Tata Madiba.

The popular man of cloth has made the decision to save the South African people from corruption and President Jacob Zuma.

Prophet Mboro, who says he always has the interests of South Africans, will beg God to return Madiba to life, so that the people can be saved.

Prophet Mboro said that God owes him R200 for the pizza he bought for him for dinner when he was in heaven last year.

He said that debt would be used as a favour, to return Nelson Mandela back to South Africa.

Mandela, is Africa’s greatest statesman, and his return would signal better days for Mzansi. Under his leadership, bread was only R5.

Now bread is like R15, and several South Africans are hurt because South Africans love bread.

Because of this the prophet will make Mandela come back, and change the price of bread. But there is a catch, only those that pay tithes will enjoy the new price of bread.

Source: The Southern Daily South Africa Satire