A popular preacher from Umzingwane is in hiding after the local king ordered he must be arrested for making his congregants drink his urine from a tea cup.

Mampele Ntononzi, told his flock that his pee was laced with heavenly blessings and that one lucky congregant would miraculously deliver a second baby Jesus.

But his luck ran out when one member developed severe kidney problems and was hospitalised. It was found that she had huge concentrations of waste.

The woman’s family then reported the matter to the African King, Damang Pamang Chabang, who ordered that the silly pastor be arrested and whipped in the back until he is crying.

When we went there, to confirm, several members of his group were still defending their darling Pastor, whom they said usually spends the weekend in heaven with Jesus and only comes back for Sunday service.

Source: The Southern Daily