Pastor in trouble for using church money to fund his MMM business

A pastor with the Zion Kingdom of God has been arrested after he used the church offering funds to invest in money scheme MMM.

Pastor Langa is said to have convinced the church treasury to release an amount of R156 000 under the false pretence of purchasing land for a church building. However, the pastor used all the money and invested in MMM hoping to get profits. The scheme duly collapsed and the church’s money went down the drain.

Pressed for answers, the pastor confessed his deed after the church demanded to see the land that he had bought with R156 000. With no way out, the man of God confessed that he had used the funds to invest in MMM and had planned to give it back.

MMM collapsed in South Africa in September and those who had put money in the scheme say they have lost hope of ever recovering their money.

The pastor was forgiven by the church and told to pay the money back in installments.

Source : LiveMonitor