Prosti_tution is illegal in most countries!

But that does not deter young ladies, often under 18 years, from coming out onto the streets every night to look for ways to pleasure men for money. Whereas most people might blame only poverty and high immorality for putting them there, a main reason why pros_titution still persists is because of the people who patronize their service – MEN.

So today iMzansi looks into some reasons why Kenyan men use the service of pros_titutes;

1. Variety

This may read condescending and too simplistic to many, but the need for variety is what drives many Kenyan men into the beds of pros_titutes. A common way some men in Kenya liken this need is by equating the experience of staying with one woman to eating the same kind of soup every day.

2. No Strings Attached

You might argue that point one could be fixed by getting multiple girlfriends or wife (in case you’re into that kinda thing), but then again prost_itutes are in the business for money and as long as you can pay what you have negotiated with her, she will not give you any hassle or stress. According to some men, there would be no stress about unwanted pregnancies, or the need to treat them to dinners, birthday gifts etc.

3. The Thrill of It
Most men feel a sense of adventure when they get down with a strange woman who is not their wife or steady girlfriend. And it has been scientifically proven that there is a certain thrill in doing things that have been given a negative image. Some men are naturally wired to thrive where there is a danger, so they see sneaking into a brothel as an exciting danger and a challenge they need to conquer. The sense of walking into a brothel, negotiating a price and actually having se_x with a strange woman further adds to their excitement.

4. Loneliness

Believe it or not, some men cannot get “some” unless they get it from “working girls” and the fancy girls who keep flashing down all their fancy cars. Loneliness and se_xual starvation are some of the major reasons men patronize commercial s_ex workers, especially when they have been starved of s_ex for a long time. Lonely and se_xually starved men would go to ashawos for their fill anytime!

5. Fantasy and Experimentation

Want to try “ana_l se_x” and your girlfriend/wife is not into it? Or you want to try the “tortoise position” and your partner is not up for it? This drives most men into the hands of se_x workers. It is easier to try out your fantastical ideas and experiments with someone who has made se_x their business. They may have the most beautiful wives and girlfriends at home but the lure of sneaking to the brothels to have a quick one with a prost_itute make some men try it out and see what they feel like.

6. Quick Se_x

Most men do not like complications when it comes to se_x. A prosti_tute comes with no strings attached and as long as you pay the agreed price, you are good to go and so, these men prefer paying for quick se_x instead of being put through a military drill just to have one.

7. Insatiable Lib_ido

Some men do have an excessive se_xual libido and no matter how hard the wife or girlfriend tries to satisfy him, he still seeks that extra pleasure elsewhere.

And where is he likely to have it? With a pros_titute of course. So instead of pestering the wife or girlfriend, only to be met with rejection or complaints, they prefer to go for a prost_itute who will not ask any question.

  •  iMzansi