Alleged inside jobs and False Flag attacks often result to disaster and collateral damage. False flag attacks on a small scale often involve detonated IEDs. Then this guy named Terry Allen Lester of Waseca, Minnesotta planned something in a really small scale.

He planned to bomb his ex-girlfriend’s using a toy rigged with explosives. He gave the toy as a Christmas present. Did carry out his nefarious plan? Did he detonate it?

WCCO reports:
In a nutshell, Lester’s alleged plan was to trick his ex into opening a box labeled “Christmas presents” that he’d left behind when he was evicted from their apartment. Inside the box was a toy that had “been modified with gun powder and buck shot, which were connected to a trigger inside the battery port.” Lester apparently believed that he could pull some kind of “trigger” and by doing so “blow them up.” Huh.

How Lester see himself while making the bomb.

Lester apparently had, in the words of WCCO, two other women “he had previously been involved with where the relationship ended poorly,” and material for two other bombs. But what points his murder-revenge plot wins for originality, it loses for total incompetence. For one thing, his incendiary device was “missing a key starting element.”

For another thing, no ex-girlfriend in her right mind would accept a toy as a Christmas gift.

(Also, Lester seems to have told a lot of people about his plan, which is understandable, given how visionary it was, but not a good idea if he wanted to get away with it.)

Lester failed, even though he went full McGyver to create the bomb. The man could’ve studied more about the Moore’s Law.