Pretoria – Charismatic celebrity gospel preacher, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri could have set a national, regional if not continental record this Sunday, as at least 100, 000 recorded congregants flocked his church service in Pretoria, South Africa.

The Malawian born cleric, commonly dubbed the pride of the Flame Lilly, for his deserved efforts in re-inventing a sense of pride and achievement in Malawi, has over the last few years risen to become the most sought after clergyman on the entire globe, smashing attendance records in the process.

It is the second time he has achieved a mean feat as this, having filled the FNB Stadium in  Soweto to full capacity, excluding overflow, as recently as 11 months ago.

South Africa’s The Drum Magazine labeled Bushiri ‘Africa’s most influential’ with his ministry being ‘the fastest growing’ across Africa.

His October 10 feat will certainly burst into the annals of history, with well over 20,000 International visitors from countries such as Germany, India, Nigeria, Brazil, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia and the United States, enduring excruciating flights just to join in the service.

A humble man, with a soft spoken demeanor, the man of God had this to say about the historic attendance record, through his Public Relations Officer, Kelvin Sulugwe

“We only thank God for the grace. The anointing upon our spiritual Father Prophet Bushiri is undeniable and people encounter God here. Such is the power of God. All these people know what they are seeking before God,”

Bar the attendance, the service caught the eye and attention of many, as several attendants witnessed great miracles and wonders.

The service is estimated to have reached as many as 2 million people, as it was also beamed live on the Prophet’s exclusive and official broadcast channel, Prophetic Live, which allowed those not in attendance to join in the grace.

Dressed simple in his Angelo Galasso jeans and shirt, Bushiri spent the whole service on the preaching and leading worship.

Given his recent rise to unparalleled stardom, it is expected that Bushiri will surpass his own records very soon