GOOD HEAVENS!!! Mboro has the whole world shocked
GOOD HEAVENS!!! Mboro has the whole world shocked

A Pretoria woman is reportedly 17 months pregnant with Prophet Mboro’s child, after the Prophet promised her that is she got pregnant by him she would give birth to baby Jesus version 2.0

Lebo Khumalo (28) is now on the verge of breaking the world record of the longest pregnancy ever recorded.

She still genuinely believes that she will give birth to Baby Jesus however.

She said she first visited the church several years ago, and Mboro told her she was anointed to be the second mother of god.

Doctors suspect she might have a hernia.

She is competing with a Chinese woman who was reported to be the record holder.

Lebo however believes she is better placed, since she is going to give birth to Jesus returned.

Her belly is so big she can barely walk anymore.

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