Woman Stabbed At Her Home


Mpumalanga – A 38 year old Mpumalanga woman was stabbed to death on Saturday by unknown assailant after receiving death threats over the phone for several weeks.

They kept getting threatening calls about a family member but did not think much of it.

But on Saturday, a car with four suspicious occupants was spotted surveilling the house. At the time, Makwena Magutla (38) of Siyabuswa in Mpumalanga was doing her laundry.

Then darkness descended and the car drove past again. This time it stopped not far from her house.

A man, armed with a knife, got out and ran into the yard. He found Makwena alone and stabbed her several times in the head, back and chest.

The attacker then got in to the car and sped off. Makwena was rushed to the local clinic, where she later died.

Terrified family members and neighbours said it was clear the attack was planned.

Said a neighbour: “Makwena told us about the car earlier. She was terrified because her husband was not yet home.

“The occupants of the car looked like thugs and were as dirty as nyaope addicts.”

A relative said: “We believe this murder was personal. The killer wanted to send us a message. We are all terrified.”

Police spokesman Brigadier Selvy Mohlala said a murder investigation is underway.

  • Daily Sun