VIDEO: Sandton Man Robbed After Gunmen Followed Him From ATM


A video released by the intelligence bureau of South Africa shows armed gunmen robbing a man they had followed from an Automated Teller Machine believing he had withdrawn lots of money.

As the man drives into his gate, a grey / white car drives past and parks a few houses away from the house.

Three gunmen ambush the man with pistols drawn, shortly after he had just given a signal to someone through a security camera to open his gate.

As they are robbing him, the grey car drives back and the gunmen run towards their car before getting away.

The visibly heart-broken man is left bemused and in tears as he watches them get away with his cash.

It becomes clear that there is a companion in the passenger car who also looks disturbingly shaken.

South Africa struggles with armed crime, with a murder rate of at least 50 people a month.

A recent report by the United Nations named South Africa as the most hostile and dangerous place to raise children in – UN Report, SA Worse Than Somalia

The suspects in the video have yet to be named, and no-one has been arrested.

Victims and Police are thought to be appealing to anyone with information to come forward.



Report compiled by Local Correspondent, Maynard Chizavare
Video Credit: YouTube