South Africans Are World’s Most Arrogant Criminals: Nigerian President


Abuja: Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari has passed very derogatory comments about the land of Mzansi and its people!

A leaked audio recording has surfaced and started circulating on social media networks.

According to one of the respected Nigerian Newspapers, The Daily Times of Nigeria, while hosting a State Luncheon at one of the Country’s Hotels during the week, the Nigerian Commander in Chief said that South Africans are the most arrogant criminals in the world because they steal and kill with high degree impunity.

“Those people of South Africa shock me with their wizardry in crime. Sometimes I tend to believe that crime is in every South African’s blood. These people go to their schools and read good courses but they qualify as the best criminals. You can even think that there is a subject in their schools called Bachelor of Crime. Whenever they get an opportunity, they never disappoint.

“And they always buy their freedom because even the judges who listen to their cases are corrupt. Look at Oscar Prestorius! Criminals yet they are walking the streets free men. Shameless, shameless. I urge you my people to be on high alert in case you, by bad luck, happen to visit that God forsaken nation. They might infect you with that disease and we don’t want it here.

” Look what they did to our boy the other day in Sandton(in reference to Nigerian Superstar, Davido, who was allegedly robbed of nearly a million rands in Sandton).

” Nigerians are honest people who love their country and don’t want such criminal tendencies ” He exploded.

The former Military ruler is known for his no nonsense approach to life. Once, as part of his “War Against Indiscipline”, he ordered Nigerians to form neat queues at bus stops, under the sharp eyes of whip-wielding soldiers. Civil servants who were late for work were publicly humiliated by being forced to do frog jumps.

Nonetheless, South Africans especially those on Twitter are yet to react in response to Buhari’s callously conveyed contempt on them.