THE MORTUARY van arrived and took Success away in a body bag. She said while she was dead, she found herself standing in front of a locked gate, facing a man with a glowing face – but she couldn’t go in. And then success rose from the dead.

Success Mpilo (40), from Emaphupheni, Etwatwa in Ekurhuleni, said, before her recovery, she had been sick for many months and had been in and out of hospital.

“The doctors at the hospital gave up on me and sent me home to die. I had boils all over my body and I was in terrible pain. I couldn’t eat. I was suffering from stomach cancer and vomiting blood. I couldn’t walk,” she said.

Success said when she eventually died, her four-year-old daughter cried hysterically and jumped on her body, trying to wake her up.

But then, Success had a strange experience. She said while she was dead, she found herself in a strange place.

“It was beautiful and green. I was alone, standing at a white crystal gate. I saw a man wearing white clothes on the other side of the gate. I tried to look at him but his face was as bright as the sun and I couldn’t see who he was,” she said.

She said she tried to open the gate.

“I was battling to open the gate but it remained closed. I couldn’t go inside. Then I woke up and screamed for help. I struggled to free myself from the body bag and that’s when the people from the mortuary van opened the bag,” she said.

The mother of two said she has now dedicating her life to spreading the Word of God.

“I’m healed of all my sickness. I go around telling people the Lord can heal all sickness,” she said.

Success’ older daughter, Amanda Mogoro (20) said she was devastated when her mum died.

“I was worried about how I was going to take care of my little sister because I’m still at school. Losing my mother and getting her back from the dead has made me appreciate her more. I don’t know how life would have been without her,” she said.