People in Mahole, Filabusi are in a state of shock after they discovered a huge python with a human head which is allegedly being kept by one of the villagers.

The area falls under village head – Julliet Moyo.

Apparently the villager, Khethiwe Bhebhe, is suspected to have accounted for scores of missing children.

The incident happened a fortnight ago.

Reports allege that local people retrieved the python which has a human head, human hair and arms.

Villagers said Bhebhe would whistle to the snake and it would emerge from Zhulube dam where it also resides, apart from Bhebhe’s homestead. Villagers also claimed that the snake, which was captured on video, was ‘crying’ like a baby.

Its also reported that the snake was crying because it hadn’t been fed porridge as usual.

“I have never seen such in my life. We are staying with evil people and we cannot say that was a snake as it resembled a human being,” said one villager identified as Ndebele.

“Scores of children have died at this dam,” said another villager.

“I was there when villagers retrieved the snake from Bhebhe, but not many people were called. Villagers ordered Bhebhe to wash her hands from their own water and they interrogated her over the snake. She said her mother in law was the original owner of the snake and she left it in her custody. She was told to call the snake and she whistled before a whirl-wind emerged from nowhere. Suddenly a snake appeared and curled itself around and began crying like a baby,” the villager narrated.

Bhebhe allegedly said she does not know how to get rid of the feared reptile and reportedly confessed that many children have disappeared as a result of it.