BEING a cop in Mzansi is a tough, life-threatening job anyway, but for these cops it’s even worse.

When the sun goes down, cops at Relela Police Station outside Tzaneen all jump into their one vehicle and head for the local shebeen. But not because they’re looking for thugs. These cops are scared of ghosts!

The People’s Paper published a story last year about cops claiming they were tormented by ghosts that hide in the mango groves and outside the toilets.

The station is surrounded by old graves of a family that occupied the land centuries ago.

“We have only one vehicle to do our job. If we had more vehicles we would be able to avoid staying at the station and rather patrol the streets. Instead, we squeeze into the van and go to the shebeen,” said one of the cops.

A woman cop said once she was at the station when there was a gentle breeze coming from the graves underneath the trees. Then the tables started shaking and the lights went out.

“Later we hear footsteps behind the building followed by distant voices. Then we heard little babies crying,” she said.

Mopani police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe said they were aware of the allegations.

“But we only deal with real issues with evidence,” he said.

Tzaneen deputy station commissioner Colonel KD Mahlaole said the station only had one vehicle at times.

“We have however decided to move the satellite police station to a more suitable place in the village. We are still communicating with the province,” he said.