It’s been months since 25-year-old TV presenter Minnie Dlaminie the “virgin” and Kaizer Chiefs star goalkeeper Itumeleng Khune parted ways, but her skeletons refuse to stay in the closet.

First, Minnie was accused of snatching Pearl Thusi’s boyfriend, Quinton Jones (34). Now sources say there is another man in the picture.

Apparently, the 25-year-old “virgin” has been spending a lot of time with South Africa’s youngest millionaire, Sandile Shezi, lately and Quinton is not comfortable with that.

Sandile, who owns the Global Forex Institute, has been seen many times dropping her off and picking her up at work in his expensive wheels.

Sources say the baby-faced businessman has been showering Minnie with expensive gifts. But Sandile’s friends are not impressed as they feel Minnie is using him to sponsor her celebrity lifestyle. However, this is strange because Minnie is a hardworking woman who has lucrative deals.

The friends were apparently annoyed when they saw a picture of Minnie and Quinton in a weekly magazine when she had been denying that she was in a relationship with Quinton.

When Sandile confronted Minnie, sources said she vehemently denied that the two were dating but claimed that they were just friends. The only problem is that Quinton is not happy with all this. According to sources, he thought that with Itumeleng Khune out of the picture, he would be the main man in Minnie’s life.

“Since the relationship with Sandile surfaced, Quinton has tightened things up. He has started to be part of the couple’s getaway with friends,” said one source.

Another mole, who is close to Quinton, said he is tired of being referred to as a “friend”.

“What is annoying him is that he is still being treated as a makhwapheni. The same way he was treatened when Itumeleng was still in the picture. Quinton is now giving Minnie pressure to come out, but Minnie maintains she is not ready yet and she is too young to be tied down. She is also embarrassed about their nine-year age difference and the fact that she stole Quiton from Pearl. She was attacked on social media for dating Quinton when the news came out.”

Minnie and the hunky model were reportedly seeing each other behind Itumeleng Khune’s back under the pretense that they were friends.

“Quinton loves Minnie so much and is unhappy about Sandile. When he confronted her, she denied that they were dating but continued with the relationship on the side. Minnie is sceptical of coming out about her relationship with Quinton because she is worried that people will judge her for dating Pearl’s ex, but Quinton is getting impatient,” said one source.

Another source close to Pearl, said Pearl used to confide in Minnie when she and Quinton had problems not knowing that the two were dating behind her back. Pearl is now alleged to be in a relationship with the equally yummy radio presenter and TV personality Robert Marawa.

“Pearl used to tell her everything. When she learnt that the two were dating behind her back, she lost it and dumped him. Now the same thing Quinton did to Pearl is exactly when Minnie is doing to him,” said the source.

The mole said Itumeleng got wind of the affair through some security guards. The guards apparently told Khune that there was a man driving an Audie who was fetching Minnie and that they were too cosy to be just friends.

“They gave him a number plate and told him how Quinton looked like. They were so annoyed that someone was dating their favourite player’s woman. When Khune confrontented her, she denied that they had an affair and said they were just friends,” said the source.

When reached for comment, Quinton dropped the phone. Minnie said the allegations were beyond ridiculous and unfair. Efforts to get a comment from Sandile drew a blank.

Khune the goalkeeper said: “Please don’t involve me in Minnie and Quinton’s issues. Leave me out of that isue.”